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Frequently Asked Questions​

RS stands for global language and content creation services, with translators in numerous countries and support of over 100 languages, accents and dialects. If you don’t see the desired language on the list, please, contact RS via email – we’ll be glad to come up with the best solution for you!

It depends on the source’s text and volume. As quality is RS’ top priority: RS usually assign one translator to one project to keep the solid style of your target content. On average, for the ongoing projects where the content is known and the queries have been answered, Each translator with RS produce 2,500 words per day.

RS makes sure that all RS’ clients are satisfied with the quality of delivered projects. However, if there are any issues (which rarely happens), we fix them at no extra cost. At the end of the project, we’ll ask you for the feedback to improve our services and guarantee the quality of our services.

It occurs when you need the assistance of a project manager. For instance, your text file is in an unsupported format, the source file isn’t in English, it requires proofreading, the desired language is not on the list or you need translation immediately. Or you are unsure which markets to choose. Or you have a limited localization budget and want to invest wisely. In this case, the localization manager will step in with their market advice to find the best solution for you. And it will add just 10% to your order.

No, if you previously ordered translations via our online system, you’ll only be charged for the new strings or empty fields. The system has a translation memory so that it excludes already translated strings from the word count.

No. You pay only for the words, numbers, and placeholders. All of these need to be typed by our translators and placed in the sentences according to each language’s syntax. Chinese and Japanese source texts are charged by characters.

It depends on the language and starts from $0.09. You can see the price list.

No worries, if your file format is not supported, just send it via email. Our project manager will take a look at it, convert if necessary and get back to you with the quote within 1 business day.

Professional highly-selected translators. They are native to the regions you target and have a domain expertise to ensure the highest quality. We do NOT use translation software.

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